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Elevate Your Health: Wellness Clinic in Edmonds, WA

Iris Wellness Center is your premier destination for Acupuncture & Herbal medicine. We have a combined experience of 40 years in Eastern Medicine, acupuncture and herbs. We are board certified and licensed by the NCCAOM and have obtained the highest doctoral degree available in this field of medicine from the Pacific College of Health & Science.

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Why Work With Our Wellness Clinic?

At Iris Wellness, our mission is to serve women where Western medicine has fallen short. We hope you will become inspired, heal, and shine a light for yourself and others by partnering with us. We cherish the moments spent in our treatment rooms, truly getting to know our clients, sharing joy, and being present during life’s challenges.

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About Dr. Carleigh Tenzin, DAC

I Am a Doctor of Eastern Medicine & Acupuncture.

For 19 years, I have studied Eastern philosophies and medicine, and for 12 years, I have been applying this knowledge in practice. People ask, “What even is a an Eastern Medicine Doctor?” We study ancient and intricate medical theory from the East, which is mind-blowing, and we pair this wisdom with the current western scientific understanding of the human body.

We have rigorous undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees covering: Anatomy and physiology, chemistry, pathophysiology, pharmacology, psychology, biology, neurobiology, integrative pain management, nutrition, laboratory testing, diagnostics, evidence-informed practice, red-flag referrals, and more.

I am incredibly grateful that a calling led me to practice the world’s first integrative and functional medicine. Thousands of years of practice and refinement in human healing have passed down through generations. Seriously, think about that. 

The ancients peered into the universe and decoded how our minds, bodies, and spirits worked from a macrocosmic perspective. These days we are in reverse, looking microscopically into every detail, missing at times that we are not pieces but a whole human whose needs and functions are interconnected.

Part of the magic and results at Iris Wellness Center come from working on all aspects of our human existence- physical health, mental health, relationships, career, spiritual/religious purpose, and connection.

By uncovering treatment blocks on all levels, your body can heal stubborn ‘untreatable’ physical manifestations.

Top Rated Wellness Clinic in Edmonds, WA

I love everything about Iris —what a gift! The location is beautiful, the ambiance serene, and the care is exceptional. Carleigh is passionate about her work, business, and clients. She takes a holistic approach and focuses on getting results while making an individualized plan that cares for the person as a whole. I feel supported, nourished, and pampered by the care I‘m receiving at Iris!

Maura S.Edmonds, WA

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