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Acupuncture can reduce headaches and migraines by 50%

Our Acupuncture Treatment for Migraine & Headaches is for immediate relief, as well as for the long-term prevention of chronic conditions. Research studies confirm Acupuncture can reduce the intensity, duration, and frequency of migraines by 50% after at least 6 treatments.


Iris Migraine Treatment

Acupunture’s Ancient Secret

Chronic migraine sufferers have a life-changing alternative to prescription medications, implant devices, and Botox injections. Iris Wellness Center’s specialty migraine program, based in Acupuncture’s Ancient Wisdom, may significantly reduce, or completely eliminate your pain. For good.


How it works

Migraines / Headaches

This treatment is for the immediate relief of headaches or migraines, as well as for the long-term prevention and treatment of chronic migraines. Research studies confirm Acupuncture can reduce the intensity, duration, and frequency of migraines by 50% after at least 6 treatments.


If we think we can help you, we will schedule a 90-minute visit. Check out our AcuGraph Scan Software. The AcuGraph test helps us determine underlying imbalances and how to effectively treat them with Acupuncture.

Treatment Plan

We will go over exam findings and create a custom treatment plan based on your individual needs. If we need further lab testing we will schedule these as well.


Once you sign up for our migraine treatment plan, you will enjoy unlimited access to our clinic, treatments, and our famous urgent migraine acupuncture protocol.

See below for more information about how we use Acupuncture to relieve migraines & headaches during a trigger or episode.

Most Common Migraine Triggers

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A comprehensive list of 30 common migraine & headache triggers and possible remedies

For additional reading click here to discover the types of migraines so many of us don’t have to suffer through – contact us today for a free consultation!


What People are Saying

“I’ve been going to see Carleigh Tenzin to get acupuncture to treat my migraines for almost a year now. She has a very calming presence and the treatments have helped immensely. The number of migraines and tension headaches I get has decreased dramatically. In fact, I get very few at all these days. I also appreciate that Carleigh wants to work with me to address my overall health and improve my general wellness. She’s also great about fitting you in for an appointment if you have a sudden flare up and need treatment. I definitely recommend Carleigh at Iris Migraine.“

Danielle G

I believed I would live the rest of my life with constant migraines. Carleigh Tenzin helped alleviate excruciating pain when I was actively having attacks and has decreased the amount of migraines I have overall. She worked with me to find my triggers and get healthier overall. Now I maybe have a migraine once a month compared to 8-15. Both my nausea and nerve pain have completely gone away. If you are like me and feel that there's nothing you can do about your migraines try working with Carleigh and you'll feel like you won a new life!

Patricia R.

I had chronic migraines for 7 years and had tried everything, but still suffered from them multiple times each week. I had been resistant to the idea of acupuncture (not a fan of needles or really eastern medicine in general) but was desperate with a migraine that had lasted 5 days. I searched for acupuncture for migraines near me and found Carleigh Tenzin. She fit me in that day and the migraine went away.

Aiden F.

I suffer from severe migraines and I've exhausted all 'traditional' options. I'm sensitive to medicine and experience horrible side effects. After having a cluster of migraines within a couple weeks, I made an appointment with Carleigh Tenzin at Iris Migraine and Wellness Center. She's treated me in the past, for other conditions, and I always have great results. Carleigh is a true healer. She's professional, knowledgeable, and caring. She explains everything about the treatment to me. I am grateful she's given me relief, both with acupuncture and natural supplements (that aren't too large to swallow). I am able to function again after every appointment. She is amazing and I highly recommend her. Thank you, Carleigh, for helping me with my migraines.

Hello & Welcome
to Our Beautiful Clinic

Carleigh Tenzin is a Doctoral Candidate of Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine. She is passionate about using this ancient science and art to relieve the suffering and isolation migraines can have on people and families.

After holding a general acupuncture practice, she realized how effective distal needling treatments were for people with headaches and migraines. It wasn’t necessarily on simple cases either. People who were having chronic-daily-intractable migraines were having remarkable recoveries.

One client said to her, “I have tried everything, flown all over the world, and one course of acupuncture treatment has changed my life! You should open a Migraine Clinic!”.

Carleigh has dedicated migraine & headache treatment to the forefront of her work. She is continually researching medical literature, case-studies, and human trials pertaining to successful migraine treatment outcomes and applying them to her treatment plans. Acupuncture, Herbs, Meditation, Life-Style, Food Sensitivities, Emotional work (stress, anxiety, migraine let down), and Supplements (that have a basis in evidence), are all apart of her approach to helping people recover.

Carleigh is currently working on her Doctorate in Acupuncture. She is also formulating a proprietary blend of Chinese herbs & nutraceuticals specifically for migraines. The formula only includes supplements that have been studied, researched, and have valid evidence to support the treatment of headaches and migraines.

We look forward to showing you the powerful effects of our Acupuncture Treatment Program!


Acupuncture Migraine Treatments

We offer urgent headache and migraine treatments. We do our best to fit you in the same day. In this visit, you will receive an acute acupuncture treatment and/or injection therapy that may help diminish the intensity and duration of your headache or migraine. Please note: this isn’t a substitute for the emergency room.

Most people experience immediate and adequate relief to go about their day without the debilitating symptoms that accompany migraines. Please read our testimonials for more information – or visit our Contact Us page to book an appointment.

For urgent treatment text (425)-361-2376

A Patient Care Manager will get you scheduled.

Learn More

After thorough testing and diagnostics, we provide personalized plans of care over the course of 3-12 months depending on the severity of your situation.

Most of our patients experience significant improvements in their health & wellness within a few weeks of starting work with us.

Initial Consultation

In-depth 90 min intake with your clinician.

In-depth Testing

Depending on our findings tests will be conducted such as food allergy testing, nutritional deficiency testing, hormone panels, pulse diagnosis, AcuGrap Scan, and other Chinese Medical Diagnoses.


Weekly treatments at the center. Each month we will have an extended visit to go over results and progress.

Community & Support

Unlimited email contact with practitioners and coaches for quick conversations plus group education classes to get the most out of treatment.

What's Next

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We look forward to working with you.


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